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Piano Services


Pianos should be tuned every 6 months or every time they are moved to a new location. A new piano may require more tunings the first year until the instrument has “settled.” 

General Repair

Repairs cover a variety of different aspects including replacement, maintenance, and diagnosing strange noises. Whether your piano has “sticky” keys, broken strings, or broken/missing key tops, Dynamic Piano Service will get you playing again.


Regular playing begins to create wear on a piano’s action, compacting and settling the cloth, felt, and buckskin. Humidity can also cause dimensional changes in the wood and wool parts which in turn affects the piano’s performance. Regulation reverses the affects of wear and improves a piano’s playing capabilities.


Voicing is adjusting the piano's tone, color pallet, sustainability and quality of sound. The voice of a piano can be adjusted to brighten or darken the sound.

Climate Controls

Changes in humidity causes the soundboard to expand and contract, altering the pitch of the piano. To help maintain a steady humidity level we proudly install and maintain Dampp Chaser Piano Life Saver Systems.

Piano Cleaning

Owning a Piano is a great investment and you sometimes need more than a little dusting to keep your piano clean. We clean keys, casework, plates and the soundboard. 

Piano Evaluation

Looking to buy or sell a Piano? Its a great idea to get it looked at and Evaluated. Ill check all aspects of the piano to insure its a quality and great playing instrument.

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